Navigating The Pandemic: New APAC Consumer, Consumption And Product Trends

For this bulletin, we’ve collated Asian Consumer Intelligence content published on our trends portal for the first half of this year focused on the response to the coronavirus examining new consumption rituals, hero product launches and the shifts that have taken place as consumers throughout the APAC region adapt to life in a pandemic. 

We’ve summarised how consumers differentiate between their ‘Before Coronavirus’ versus ‘After Coronavirus’ lifestyles in our Meta Trend BC / AC World, while in ‘Connected Over Sanitised’ we analyse the stark reality of some consumers in developing countries around the world more likely to have a mobile phone than access to clean water. An issue when it comes to following health guidelines to wash hands to help prevent infection. In our piece ‘Coronavirus Nutritional Trends’ we turn to flavour and ingredient tracker Capchavate to interpret what products consumers are turning to supplement their diets.