Navigating The Pandemic: New APAC Consumer, Consumption And Product Trends

For this bulletin, we’ve collated Asian Consumer Intelligence content published on our trends portal for the first half of this year focused on the response to the coronavirus examining new consumption rituals, hero product launches and the shifts that have taken place as consumers throughout the APAC region adapt to life in a pandemic. 

We’ve summarised how consumers differentiate between their ‘Before Coronavirus’ versus ‘After Coronavirus’ lifestyles in our Meta Trend BC / AC World, while in ‘Connected Over Sanitised’ we analyse the stark reality of some consumers in developing countries around the world more likely to have a mobile phone than access to clean water. An issue when it comes to following health guidelines to wash hands to help prevent infection. In our piece ‘Coronavirus Nutritional Trends’ we turn to flavour and ingredient tracker Capchavate to interpret what products consumers are turning to supplement their diets. 

Mitigating Dining Risk Amid Coronavirus

As the Coronavirus continues to wreak havoc across various industries, we witness its disastrous effect on businesses in F&B which have been forced to shut down their physical stores. For establishments lucky enough to continue operations, we see the implementation of various safety measures and practices which hope to curb contact and thus alleviate any risk of infection. Asian Consumer Intelligence reports on what players in APAC are doing to respond to this crisis.

Podcast Report: Navigating Nutritional Trends during the Coronavirus

We caught up with Pedram Assadi, COO of Foodpanda in APAC, and Asian Consumer Intelligence founder Nicole Fall, along with Monette Montaño (ACI Head of Research) in our pilot FHA Insider podcast where they delved into nutritional trends during the coronavirus pandemic. This episode brings to light developing consumer behaviors that are impacting the F&B space but potentially shaping the future for industry players and businesses.

2020 APAC Consumer Trends

Our newest research about consumer behavior shifts takes a closer look at what people across APAC expect from brands and uncovers three noteworthy consumer trends. Here, the director of consumer and market insights at Google APAC, Dr. Stuart Pike, and the founder of Asian Consumer Intelligence, Nicole Fall, unpack our new report and share examples of how brands are staying ahead of consumers’ changing expectations.

Sophisticated Snacking

Nostalgic childhood flavors that bring adults back into a more carefree, youthful moment (think S’mores flavored churros or PB&J ice cream) may have had their time in the sun. Recently, it seems that the trend is going the other way – with manufacturers going after more sophisticated taste profiles and presenting them in kid-friendly formats. Using data gathered from AI-driven flavor prediction service Capchavate, Asian Consumer Intelligence explores how these “grown-up” variants are appearing across a variety of formats usually associated with a younger demographic.

Caught Up on Carbon Consciousness

Manufacturers and retailers in the F&B industry have long heeded the call for driving change through sustainability and championing environmental advocates. What has significantly grown over the past year, however, is just how much noise these companies are making in terms of their PR and marketing campaigns on mitigating carbon footprint at all points in their production chain. Now, more than ever, we’re seeing a bigger trend on “visible sustainability.” Best-practices and green innovations are playing a bigger part of the brand story and climate conscious messages are getting louder.

When Vegan Becomes Mainstream

As the plant-based revolution continues its upward trajectory in 2020, we witness its impact on a rapidly evolving food & beverage industry adapting to the demands of increasingly “conscious” consumers. According to Euromonitor International, the plant-based meat substitute market alone is set to hit US$15.8 billion in 2020. With vegan-related trends dominating 2020 predictions from Whole Foods, Uber Eats, Innova Market Insights and Business Insider among other media resources, it comes as no surprise that we’re seeing new evidence that pushes for more products, menus and innovations that support this green movement. Strategic research and trend forecasting consultancy Asian Consumer Intelligence, with data support from flavor database Capchavate, puts an ear to the ground in the Asia Pacific region and tackles these of-the-moment trends in the vegan category.

Complete Food Solutions

Nutritionally-dense total meal alternatives have been rising in popularity, particularly in markets such as the US and UK. English-brand Huel, cleverly abbreviating “Human Fuel,” has made a global name in offering convenience with bottled complete meals that offer measured amounts of protein, carbohydrates and fats in vegan-friendly formats. California-made Soylent features a similar range of RTD beverages, powders and bars that pride itself in making nutrition more accessible to everyone through their micro and macro profile enhanced collection.