Thought Leadership

A company that has entered the common lexicon “just Google it” and a global giant that dominates search and advertising. Makes you wonder what this tech giant might need from a bijou agency like ours? 

Well even giants need some thought leadership and inspiration from time to time.

Google’s Asia-Pacific clients rely on its search tools to create visibility among consumers. However, search analytics often provides a snapshot of what’s happening today and not foresight. We used our trusted forecasting methodologies to create six future proofed trends and brought these to life through a series of activations that we also helped plan.

We researched, wrote and presented topics that covered retail, shopping, marketing, leisure, sustainability and the future of work, and utilized Google’s incredible data resources to support these forecasts to create three deliverables: a huge launch event for Google’s key clients and prominent visibility promoting this trend forecasting on Google’s Think with Google insights platform. The project culminated with a book featuring our trends that was sent to Google’s clients as an end-of-year gift in December 2018.