Capchavate is a creative business tool powered by AI developed for the food and beverage industries. It combines competitive intelligence, trend forecasting, digital mood boards and flavor predictions in one convenient platform to help inspire new culinary and ingredient product development using accurate forecasting. Our researchers track global food service LTOs and new launches in real time, and this launch data is analysed with our proprietary artificial intelligence analytics to inspire new menu items as well as provide an accurate picture on flavor growth to enable food and beverage service professionals make informed business decisions.


Veraify is a tool that discovers data patterns and utilizes AI to efficiently provide quantifiable insight developed by a team of futurists, research analysts and data scientists. This proprietary technology provides efficiency to the intelligence gathering process, providing visually compelling solutions that accurately convey insight in any language, delivered rapidly and affordably. Veraify’s data recognition techniques help boost foresight and accelerate this process with artificial learning to turn pattern expressions into knowledge. Our technology is utilized by our data scientists who extract meaningful intelligence in tandem with our futurists who interpret results with clarity to deliver future-forward solutions rooted in science.

Asian Consumer Intelligence

Asian Consumer Intelligence is the world’s only trends platform based in Asia focused on high growth Asian markets. Our insight and access to consumer, consumption and product trends, development and innovation is unrivalled. This member’s only service focuses on analysing and predicting behaviour in FMCG categories through regular trend reports, particularly in personal care (skin care, hair care, body care, fragrance & colour cosmetics), home care (air care, laundry & kitchen) and food & beverage trends to provide a holistic view of Asian consumption.

Five by Fifty

Five by Fifty is a business intelligence consultancy that owns and manages a growing portfolio of enterprise services and products focused on data analytics, machine learning driven research tools and AI-quantified trend forecasting. Headquartered in Singapore, the brand’s energy is directed at providing a range of digital and traditional research services including ethnography, quantitative, qualitative, semiotics and trend analysis and forecasting as well as branding, marketing and innovation consultancy and assisting growth through innovation