Holistic Strategy

We take an end-to-end approach to identifying, strategising and inspiring new products and services. These fall under two elements; Trends & Tracking and Research & Consultancy. Within Trends & Tracking we manage two separate data and trend platforms. These are Capchavate, squarely aimed at the food, ingredients and beverage industries. Asian Consumer Intelligence, a service focused on interpreting consumer, consumption and product trends aimed mainly at the personal care industries. Finally, our expertise in trend forecasting and trend analysis, a process that pinpoints future-forward behaviour and delivers this through thought leadership to interpret signifiers of change through customised reports. Our Research and Consultancy covers strategic consulting (brand development, refreshment and repositioning), custom research (planning, market assessment and viability) all underpinned with robust insights provided by our proprietary AI-enhanced data analytics tool Veraify. 

Paths to Innovation

Every output we deliver inspires, informs and instigates change management. When consultancy is effective it can help transform businesses, develop new brands and reposition established brands on an invigorated growth trajectory. Our expertise assists our partners through this process utilising a range of tools and methodologies that we have evolved over the past 15 years to instil knowledge and the confidence to implement new ideas and strategies. When presented with an opportunity to deliver value, our approach analyses the exact steps needed to evolve a problem-statement into action. We apply personalised solutions to all our client work. With strong expertise in Asian countries, this entirely custom philosophy becomes even more of an asset. While we reject cookie cutter solutions in favour of bespoke consultancy strategies, we are defined by our insatiable curiosity and pragmatic ISSA lens that we use to decode and shape all our intelligence, insight and recommendations. 


Our commitment to understanding the future is demonstrated with investment in machine learning tools designed to decipher data quickly and analyze millions and billions of opinions, preferences and signals. Veraify combs swiftly through staggering amounts of data, spots regularities and confirms these patterns in a process enhanced by artificial intelligence. With the development of Veraify, every piece of work we deliver comes with a guarantee that strategic recommendations, intelligence and forecasting have been quantified at all stages using cutting edge technologies. This evolution allows us to deliver a harmonised solution that encompasses the best humans have to offer; creative problem solving fused with powerful data science capabilities. 

Asian Consumer Intelligence

We take a proactive attitude to staying informed. We demonstrate this commitment with a members-only portal focused on tracking new consumer, consumption and product trends emergent across Asia. Its the only trend forecasting platform of its kind focused on Asia-Pacific. Intelligence is researched daily by our team of analysts and trend forecasters and databased to create an unparalleled source of knowledge containing thousands of reports. This forward-thinking philosophy helps us sense signifiers of change among early adopter and inventor segments to create trend predictions and futurism that is often 18-months to five years ahead of industry publications and competitors. 

Cultural Decoding

Outputs including reports, presentations, workshops and online platforms are complimented by safaris. We have carried out hundreds of immersions since inception connecting the world’s biggest brands to consumers and their unique realities. Our contextual consulting attitude is driven by our belief that market research is meaningless without context. This is why Five by Fifty’s ability to interpret analysis across multilateral culture gaps is invaluable when building a strategy that connects with people in different Asian countries. Taking an ethnographic viewpoint uses a combination of anthropological acumen and journalistic inquisitiveness. The implementation of tools that utilise machine learning to help accelerate and validate our research & trend forecasting now enhance our core tactic, delivering value and growth for our clients.