Complete Food Solutions

Nutritionally-dense total meal alternatives have been rising in popularity, particularly in markets such as the US and UK. English-brand Huel, cleverly abbreviating “Human Fuel,” has made a global name in offering convenience with bottled complete meals that offer measured amounts of protein, carbohydrates and fats in vegan-friendly formats. California-made Soylent features a similar range of RTD beverages, powders and bars that pride itself in making nutrition more accessible to everyone through their micro and macro profile enhanced collection.

Keeping It Fresh

Updated shelf stable formats change perceptions on preserved convenience food.Freezing or refrigeration is one modern convenience that has not only changed the way we package, sell and consume food, it has also shifted the way we perceive food products in terms of how healthy or “fresh” they seem to be. In a way, items such as fruits, vegetables and other perishables tend to be regarded higher than chilled and frozen counterparts.