Welcome to Five by Fifty, the trend forecasting and consumer research agency focused on the Asia-Pacific region. We unearth consumer insights and use them to help our clients build strategies to innovate in new product development, supply chain and distribution, marketing and communication. See what our clients say about our work or browse the following short presentations of how we can help your business grow.

Our work: Case Studies

Ethnographic Research

Date: Spring 2010
Location: Tokyo
Client: Global FMCG manufacturer in energize category
Brief: Recruit and interview respondents to discover consumption patterns and capture insights on cameraspecific new product concept.


Consumer Intelligence

Date: Ongoing
Location: Pan-region
Client: Various
Brief: Provide intelligence about new product launches and market analysis that assists clients develop NPD, supply chain and marketing strategies to grow their businesses in Asia Pacific and beyond.


Trend Forecasting

Date: Spring/Summer 2010 (ongoing)
Location: Tokyo, Shanghai, Beijing
Client: Global beverage manufacturer
Brief: Find economic- and demographic-driven consumer trends in China and Japan, supported by in-depth market analysis, with explicit implications for the global beverage market in several other specific global markets


Bespoke Reports

Date: 2009-2010
Location: Pan-region
Client: Tokyo-based beverage manufacturer
Brief: Provide intelligence reports analyzing the beverage markets of specific Asian economies to support client strategy to boost sales outside of home market.


Consumer Trends Safari

Date: Summer 2010
Location: Tokyo
Client: European beauty products manufacturer
Brief: Prove rapid and in-depth understanding of consumer behavior and trends to support strategic reorganization of clientʼs sales and marketing efforts in Japan.


Futurism Report

Date: Fall 2010
Location: Global
Client: Global supplier of FMCG ingredients
Brief: Strategy report to imagine consumer attitudes and behavior toward the household of the future with implications for new product development along a specific timeline.


INTAPAC provides insight into marketing, packaging innovation, retail trends, consumer behavior and analysis on new fast moving consumer product launches in the world’s fastest growing Asian markets.
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