There will be five billion consumers in Asia by the year 2050.


The opportunities are obvious, but the hurdles are high.

Welcome to Five by Fifty, the trend forecasting and consumer research agency focused on the Asia-Pacific region. We unearth consumer insights and use them to help our clients build strategies to innovate in new product development, supply chain and distribution, marketing and communication.

From Seoul to Singapore, Tokyo to Taipei and Beijing to Bangkok, Five by Fifty supplies intelligence on consumer behaviour to world-class companies in retail, beauty & wellness, fast-moving consumer goods, business services and leisure & hospitality.

Operating in English with Japanese, Chinese, Hindi and Indonesian language capabilities, Five by Fifty assists companies with market insights to find opportunities for strategic growth and innovation. Developing bespoke reports, presentations and workshops, Five by Fifty also operates subscriber-only trend analysis site Asian Consumer Intelligence covering consumer, consumption and product trends from APAC.

  Three step approach

  1.   Insight
  2.   Intelligence
  3.   Innovation 

Five by Fifty has a proven track record helping global companies understand new behaviour to position brands more effectively in APAC, the world’s fastest growing region.

Established in Tokyo in 2007, Five by Fifty relocated its headquarters to Singapore in 2011. Five by Fifty was inspired by the statistic an estimated five billion people will populate Asia by 2050. Our name reflects our philosophy; identifying change to provide future-proofed strategy to unlock new business opportunities.

We utilize a network of talented researchers, strategic planners, trend forecasters, journalists and experts in design, innovation, sensory branding, technology and semiotics to provide business solutions for international clients spanning a multitude of industries.

Our international network is locally based, and conversant in Asian languages, cross-cultural understanding, and has real experience living and working on the planet’s most populous continent. Many of our clients have been with us since establishment and the majority of new business comes from referral.

In Asia’s Century we have experienced firsthand the fundamental shifts in consumer markets and changing demographics in the world’s most dynamic region. We use a proven methodology connecting our clients to real-time intelligence through our proprietary Trend Service, ethnographic and netnographic research, country immersions, innovation workshops, trend forecasting reports and semiotic analysis, to provide answers, insight and inspiration to some important questions you might have. What is the business opportunity? How do we implement new strategies successfully?




  • Asian Consumer Intelligence

Five by Fifty runs the world’s only trend forecasting and analysis service dedicated to Asia-Pacific. Reports are updated daily by our network of reporters and trend analysts decoding new consumer, consumption and product trends emerging in Seoul, Manila, Beijing, Tokyo through to Jakarta, Singapore, Mumbai and beyond.

  • Safaris

We have carried out more than 600 immersions connecting the world’s biggest brands to consumers and their unique realities.

  • Contextual Consulting

Market research is meaningless without context. Which is why Five by Fifty’s ability to interpret analysis across multilateral culture gaps is invaluable when building a strategy that connects with people in different Asian countries.



  • Decoding

Our ethnographic research uses a combination of anthropological acumen and journalistic inquisitiveness to create cross-platform reports.


Asian Consumer Intelligence




Five by Fifty’s point of difference is our handpicked network of talented reporters and trend analysts based in Asia-Pacific.  While our competitors mainly work on a supply and demand model, responding to client requests as they come up, we work differently. By continuously tracking consumer, consumption and product trends as they emerge, and reporting these on our subscriber service Asian Consumer Intelligence, we are cognizant of change, allowing us to decode briefs knowledgably, accurately and more efficiently.

Our mission to deliver ‘Real Time Trends’ means we have evidence of emergent behaviour, allowing us to identify tangible signposts to the future by tapping into our proprietary database of 2500+ individual trend reports. Some of the world’s largest businesses and government agencies subscribe to Asian Consumer Intelligence, and annual subscriptions include multi-divisional and multi-country licenses with trend briefings delivered by Five by Fifty’s team of experts.


Asian Consumer Intelligence was developed by Nicole Fall, a British trend forecaster who has lived in Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Tokyo and now splits her time between Singapore and Malaysia. Based in the region since 1997, Nicole identified a need for a trend service that focused on connecting the dots within emergent product and consumer behaviour in Asia-Pacific.

To find connections within this populous continent and uncover weak signals to determine new opportunities within Asia’s diverse mix of cultures, religions, economic, political and societal extremes, Nicole developed a trend framework to decipher change relevance. This framework encompasses Meta and Micro Trends, Product Leaders and Intelligence, and all content is pegged within this structure to provide context and meaning. Nicole travels globally to deliver trend briefings and has presented at conferences in North America, Asia-Pacific and Europe.

Please contact us for a complimentary demonstration of Asian Consumer Intelligence’s unique capabilities.